Hello World!

When I made my first web page, it was a simple html one-page document that said, basically, “hello, world!” So, today, I’m back with a new “Hello, World!” post. In the two years since my first “hello,” I have created many sophisticated web-based applications, and learned how to use advanced html, javascript, css, php, and other “languages.” It’s been quite a journey.

On this site, I am posting links and notes about all the things I do. If I’ve encountered you along the way and all you have is my name, you can find the “stuff” I have that you need. Don’t be afraid to explore! I wear many hats, and you may find other things that resonate with you along your own journey.

I don’t envision myself  changing much about this site – with the exception of the blog posts. The purpose of this site is utilitarian: to link my various activities under one more memorable “umbrella.” But, you never know! I reserve the right to exercise my newly-developed ability to change my mind.



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