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To celebrate my graduation from Hazelden’s Intensive Outpatient Program TODAYYYYYYY, I compiled my list of 100 things that I value about my sober self, about my sobriety, or that I’ve learned in sobriety.

Take a deep breath, and dive in!

  1. I am worth recovery.
  2. I am kind.
  3. I am generous.
  4. I am courageous.
  5. I am fierce.
  6. I am confident.
  7. I am powerful.
  8. I am free-spirited.
  9. I am a rebel.
  10. I am smart.
  11. I am growing in wisdom.
  12. I am funny. Hilarious, actually.
  13. I am a phenomenal woman.
  14. I am a warrior.
  15. I am sensitive.
  16. I am empathetic.
  17. I am so, so capable.
  18. I am a determined problem-solver.
  19. I am not interested anymore in solving everyone’s problems.
  20. I am a thinker.
  21. I am so proud that I showed up honestly, with openness, and was and am willing; I can be vulnerable in safe places.
  22.  I erect my own boundaries and I maintain them.
  23. I can and do change my mind.
  24. I believe “nice girls” should get mad when it’s appropriate.
  25. I love being sober, clear-minded, and safe.
  26. I enjoy activities I associate with recovery.
  27. I have a strong voice, and I will use it in recovery.
  28. I actively engage in a relationship with Jesus every day.
  29. I do not want to live in darkness and pain again, and I get to choose not to live there.
  30. I can and do love myself right now, right here where I am today.
  31. I do not want or need to hide who I am.
  32. I am wonderfully and uniquely made to be who I am.
  33. I have talents and strengths that can also be my weaknesses and failures.
  34. I am striving to be better at being myself every day.
  35. I am not afraid to say what I don’t like.
  36. I am not hateful in recovery; I was during active use.
  37. I deserve and strive for happiness; it really is a thing!
  38. I am stronger in the sisterhood with others on my journey.
  39. I rejoice in meeting challenges gracefully, sober.
  40. I live in peace the world cannot steal from me; it’s mine to hold and it’s mine to lose.
  41. I only have to choose the next right thing, today.
  42. I am stronger than I ever knew.
  43. I choose the tools I use to cope with my life.
  44. I once chose alcohol as a tool, but it’s not an effective tool. So. I chose different tools.
  45. I can solve problems from my safe place, without sacrificing myself.
  46. I accept I cannot be me without my past, and so I forgive myself my past choices.
  47. I am doing my best now and I always tried to do my best.
  48. I am not friends with Alcohol and recognize how dangerous and self-destructive that relationship was.
  49. I don’t know stuff, and I’m perfectly fine not knowing.
  50. I love watching people experience the euphoria of early recovery.
  51. I hate – passionately – when the drug of choice wins, even temporarily.
  52. I wonder how people – women – cannot see themselves how I see them.
  53. I like feeling things and knowing what I feel.
  54. I feel grateful, every day. My greatest blessings have come from raindrops.
  55. I have always been able to survive; I am strong.
  56. I want to thrive and know I won’t all the time.
  57. I can live and prosper and thrive despite the challenges.
  58. I made two people who are kind, generous, and humble.
  59. I accept that I have created beauty.
  60. I deserve to surround myself with beauty.
  61. I will not intentionally throw a stone at anyone.
  62. I believe people want – so desperately – to be good.
  63. I am intentional.
  64. I can live for what is today.
  65. I see potential, and I encourage it, while I accept with my whole heart what is.
  66. I do not live in the past.
  67. I have learned from my past.
  68. I have so much more to learn.
  69. I have experienced real, big-T, trauma.
  70. I have also experienced real, little-T, trauma.
  71. I could not cure my trauma responses on my own, no matter how hard I thought about it, no matter how many times I tried to convince myself it wasn’t real, and no matter how often someone told me I was being ridiculous.
  72. I am not ridiculous.
  73. I can recognize my feelings are wholly mine, and I choose to accept them, name them, and then let them go; I get to choose how I respond to my feelings.
  74. I love knowing who I am.
  75. I am confident in who I am, and, because I am, I can freely and actively enjoy who others are without envy or jealousy.
  76. I can remember my trauma without having to relive it.
  77. I work in my own sphere of influence to change the world.
  78. I long, sometimes, for things (life, recovery, love…) to be easier.
  79. I am – otherwise – not a wisher.
  80. I have joy in knowing the best is yet to come.
  81. I know what sacrificial love is: it’s the only kind of love that endures.
  82. I expect to experience great joy in the future, and I expect to recognize and celebrate it when I do, knowing it will pass.
  83. I expect to experience grief, sadness, even anger, and I expect to accept it when I do, knowing it will pass.
  84. I do not know all the details, and I do not care that I don’t know.
  85. I was scared on June 7: my relapse scared me more than any other thing I have ever done.
  86. I know my relapse started months before I bought alcohol
  87. I feel lonely, often, in the midst of people.
  88. I did not enter into recovery because of the threat of legal consequences.
  89. I have worked hard to comply with the consequences for my behavior.
  90. I live in gratitude for the Grace that saved me from hurting or killing myself while in active alcohol abuse.
  91. I deserve to love.
  92. I deserve to be loved.
  93. I deserve to be cherised.
  94. I deserve to be protected.
  95. I deserve to be safe.
  96. I am the daughter of a King, and I choose to live as one.
  97. I treasure the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life.
  98. I actively share my favorite verse from Romans: there is no condemnation (8:1). Repeat it with me: there is NO condemnation.
  99. I cherish the friends who have held my truth until I was ready for it.
  100. Last, and best: I know my life in Christ attracts people to Him.

Now. Go write yours. It’s easy!

God! Grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference. Peace!

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