Finding My Marbles… Again

Finding My Marbles
Along the journey to wellness, I’ve found a few ways to reward myself for the good things.
One of my favorite rewards is marbles.
I made myself a mason jar and labelled it “My Marbles” and it’s the receiving jar for whatever journey I’m on. This time, it’s a physical wellness journey.
I am going to stop ingesting synthetic or added sugar and gluten. I believe those two things feed my the systemic allergic reactions I’m having to something in plastic – and did you know that same ingredient is in preservatives? Whether I eat it, wear it, touch it, or sleep on it, I have a horrible, hive-inducing allergic response that starts at the point of contact and rapidly becomes systemic.
I don’t feel like a poor-me victim and moan about “why meeeeeeee?”
I don’t feel like this is a tragedy and I should mourn a free-er, easier lifestyle.
I don’t feel like this is the consequence for some random past behavior.
I just know, on the other side of this, I will feel so much better and so much more in control of my physical health.
The cool thing? 
There’s no yardstick. 
I do what I want. 
I’m the only who reaps the benefit – or suffers the consequence.
As a reminder, every day I avoid sugar and gluten, I get a marble.  I’m so excited to see how the jar grows in beauty with each added token of success.

Source: Fierce Recovery

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