And Your Calling Is…

One of my all-time favs, Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, offers this take on being called:

Your “calling” is not your dream job. It’s not your soul mate. It’s not your family. Those are the goals and hopes and obligations. Your calling doesn’t wait for you on a distant horizon, nor does it tap impatiently on the door of your heart. That’s passion and excitement. Your calling isn’t the siren song of a foreign land. That’s wanderlust. Your calling isn’t where you live, or what you do, or even who you love. Your calling is your innate character combined with the experiences and education that brought you to this point, right now, today.

Your calling isn’t a thing that’s waiting to be discovered. It’s *who you are* in relation to where you live and what you do and how you serve the people around you. So you don’t have to wonder anymore; YOU’RE CALLED. You’ve always been called. Every single day when you manage to get out bed and show up for the life you’re living, you’re answering God’s call. That’s badass. Go you!

My two cents – or so?

We have always been called. It’s tough for thinking people to show up every single day. Life is tough. But it matters.

And. I like being a badass.

Transformed Tony encourages checking out Ephesians 2 and Romans 8 (future) and Ephesians 4 and 2 Peter 2 (present). Says Tony, “It is evident from these passages that our calling and the process of our sanctification are intertwined; we have elements of our past, present, and future all working together under our Heavenly Father’s guiding hand preparing us for eternity with him.



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