Seeking Safety and The Split Self

Acceptance means acknowledging what is so I can make the next right choice for me. It does not mean allowing myself to be harmed because of what is. Today’s topic is from Seeking Safety by Lisa M. Najavits (2002), pages 227-230. Rainer Maria Rilke, a 20th-century German poet writes: “be attentive to what is arising within […]

Finding My Marbles… Again

Finding My Marbles Along the journey to wellness, I’ve found a few ways to reward myself for the good things. One of my favorite rewards is marbles. I made myself a mason jar and labelled it “My Marbles” and it’s the receiving jar for whatever journey I’m on. This time, it’s a physical wellness journey. […]

My Happy 100

To celebrate my graduation from Hazelden’s Intensive Outpatient Program TODAYYYYYYY, I compiled my list of 100 things that I value about my sober self, about my sobriety, or that I’ve learned in sobriety. Take a deep breath, and dive in! I am worth recovery. I am kind. I am generous. I am courageous. I am fierce. […]

Momma’s Affirmations

My mother is unwillingly recovering. Since my sister and I are her court-appointed co-guardians, it’s our choice to have her in a place where recovery is just part of her day, every day. She’s participating too. She has this list of affirmations, and she’s circled those that matter to her. In my role as the […]