Ingram and Tony on Holiness

At Tuesday’s gathering, we discussed the following excerpt from Chip Ingram’s “God’s Game Plan Includes You” from this week. Holiness. It’s not a word you hear much today. Yet it is an integral part of God’s character, and He calls us to pursue it in our own lives. 1 Peter 1:15-16 (NIV) says, “But just […]

The Music of the Soul

Music matters muchly. Let me state first that muchly is, in fact, a word. It’s a double adverb since much counts as an adverb and the suffix -ly creates adverbs. Double the trouble. So hush. Music changes my physiology; it makes me feel different. In my new book, tentatively titled “The Song in My Story” […]

And Your Calling Is…

One of my all-time favs, Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, offers this take on being called: Your “calling” is not your dream job. It’s not your soul mate. It’s not your family. Those are the goals and hopes and obligations. Your calling doesn’t wait for you on a distant horizon, nor does it tap impatiently […]

The Man in the Arena

Though it’s not a universal thing among my friends and cohorts, I really love Brene Brown. I see myself when I listen to or read her. In her talk to a bunch of creative folk at 99u, Brown explained how she found the title of her second book, Daring Greatly. The TED talk she gave […]

Hello World!

When I made my first web page, it was a simple html one-page document that said, basically, “hello, world!” So, today, I’m back with a new “Hello, World!” post. In the two years since my first “hello,” I have created many sophisticated web-based applications, and learned how to use advanced html, javascript, css, php, and […]

The Dual Diagnosis Model: Treating PTSD and Addiction

Today I came across a very well-done video that addresses the dual diagnosis model – treating PTSD and the accompanying addiction issues at the same time.  I sent it to my boys. While 70% of our population has experienced trauma, only 8% develop PTSD.  Statistics are varied on the number of people who have co-occurring […]

Brene Brown on Boundaries

Check out the YouTube, Brene Brown Boundaries, Empathy, and Compassion. I love this woman. Some things she says resonates with me. In this video they are: People were sucking on purpose, just to piss me off. I’ll never know whether people are doing the best they can or not, but when I assume they are, […]

Seeking Safety and The Split Self

Acceptance means acknowledging what is so I can make the next right choice for me. It does not mean allowing myself to be harmed because of what is. Today’s topic is from Seeking Safety by Lisa M. Najavits (2002), pages 227-230. Rainer Maria Rilke, a 20th-century German poet writes: “be attentive to what is arising within […]