Food Trucks and Outreach

Our plan has evolved. We believe our best efforts should be directed toward using mobile food service options initially – and maybe in an ongoing outreach. The people who need food and service aren’t necessarily willing to come to us, so we think we should go to them. We will be looking to purchase and […]

Gardens and Food Stock

We reached out to 118 churches last spring asking for any who were willing to plant gardens and share some of the harvest with us for our own upcoming food service. We had a couple of takers. Most notably, St Henry in Monticello will be sharing some of their harvest and spoke about it recently […]

Next Steps… Praise, Ribs, Sweaters

We have some upcoming events, and we’re hoping each of them is independently successful. A team of volunteers is currently working on music for a praise event similar to last year’s. The tentative title if “Soup and Song.” Watch here for more details! We’re still trying to get the City of Monticello to respond to […]

Rib Fest in the Works

We’re planning our next fundraiser, this time a rib cook-off. We’ve met with officials from other organizations in the area to create a collaborative effort, and are pleased to report this event will be a team effort! Watch for details! We’re waiting now for a return call to finalize our date and finalize our permit(s). […]

Spring Event Changes

We are going to take a little more time to plan our upcoming events, so look for our Mystery Dinner night, our outdoor sporting event, and our rib fest to occur later than we planned. We’re reconstructing out plan slightly to make it possible to be feeding people in the winter months. And all of […]

Seeds, Soil, and Harvest

Jesus tells a story in the gospel I was reading today, Mark 4:1-20: On another occasion, Jesus began to teach by the sea. A very large crowd gathered around him, so that he got into a boat on the sea and sat down. And the whole crowd was beside the sea on land. And he […]

Huff Post on Feeding the Homeless in the US

This post is from the Huffington Post. Forbidden to Feed the Homeless? By Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz KEVIN RUSS VIA GETTY IMAGES How is it now a crime to help the poor? Recently, Arnold Abbott in Fort Lauderdale was arrested twice for publicly helping feed the vulnerable in his community and now faces jail time for giving food to […]

Happy, Happy Christmas

It’s hard not to think about all the people who don’t have hearth or home this holiday season. I’ve been living in a house with electric, radiator heat and it’s been miserably cold. And every time I start to think about how miserably cold it is, I remind myself about those people who don’t even […]

“Night Shift” Garners Laughter and Love

Our December 3rd production of the “Night Shift Before Christmas” played to a less than sold-out crowd, but it was a merry crowd. Set in a 1950’s-style diner, the production was narrated by Flo, a retiring waitress at the Night Shift. She tells of the night, long ago, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem and […]

ReWrites Underway

We are currently revamping the “Night Shift Before Christmas” to make is a truly unique adventure that will work both with the space and talent we have available for December 3, 2017. Our original events was written to be performed by kids, replacing the traditional Christmas pageant. Telling the same story from different perspectives, and […]