Hello World!

When I made my first web page, it was a simple html one-page document that said, basically, “hello, world!” So, today, I’m back with a new “Hello, World!” post. In the two years since my first “hello,” I have created many sophisticated web-based applications, and learned how to use advanced html, javascript, css, php, and […]

Ohio Safety Plate

Ohio has recently passed bill 207 making a school bus safety license plate available state wide! This plate features a picture of a school bus with flashing lights and states that we need to stop for them. The plate allows for new level of school bus awareness for the public! I think this is a […]

Chattanooga: New Charges for Walker!

Update!!! Walker, who drove and crashed a school bus in Chattanooga Tennessee last November is facing new charges in his trial. Acording to reports Walker faces six counts of vehicular homicide, charges of reckless aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, reckless driving and using a portable electronic device as a bus driver. He is a deplorable example of […]

A Florida Man Steals a Bus

Holmes county sheriff department was led on a wildgoose chase a few days ago when a local mans crime spree took a violent turn! The suspect (whose original reason for fleeing was not stated) first encountered and injured a man in his home with a hammer while trying to steal his car. Upon this initial […]

Fort Worth Collision

Quick and Dirty: A 40 year old women was driving and turned down a street going the wrong way. She immediatly collided head on with the school bus! She was brought to he hospital with severe injuries. Only one child on the bus was brought to the hospital with minor injuries while 11 other ps […]

Iowa is Going Mobile!

Iowa has decided to move forward in by using mobile devices such as an iPad/tablet in their school buses for gps, student counts, and a few extra daily tasks. Monitor placement example. If used properly they will allow for the bus driver to better monitor the students onboard and their route progress/efficiently! Strict rules and […]

Unspoken Sorrow Companion Workbook

  Kari is in the process of developing a companion workbook to Unspoken Sorrow for use during presentations or training. This comprehensive workbook covers many aspects of the aftermath of a crash as well as explaining the wonderful features of JAK the App. This workbook includes a timeline of the Monticello crash and aftermath, press releases […]

The End of the School Year

As we near the end of May, we see the sun shining and feel more carefree. Children are excited for summer vacation to start. Some students have already completed the school year. But, there are still schools in session and many classes are taking field trips. We just want to give a reminder to keep […]

Kari Discusses How the Book Helped Her Address Grief

Give sorrow words; The grief that does not speak Whispers the o’er-fraught heart And bids it break. – William Shakespeare, Macbeth Kari conducted an interview with Tim Hennagir, Managing Editor of the Monticello Times about the book. In this audio clip, Kari discusses how the book helped her address her grief, even 20 years later. […]

Praise for the Book; Review on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Worth the read! By chaseron April 15, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition Very interesting book and until reading it I didn’t really know much about this tragedy as we were not members of the Monticello community yet. My heart goes out to all those affected by this horrific event. And for […]