ReWrites Underway

We are currently revamping the “Night Shift Before Christmas” to make is a truly unique adventure that will work both with the space and talent we have available for December 3, 2017.

Our original events was written to be performed by kids, replacing the traditional Christmas pageant. Telling the same story from different perspectives, and accompanied by lively music, the show is fun for all ages.

The modified version words with adult actors and musicians, which we think is important in this case. We want to fill every seat in the auditorium, and that means appealing to a wide audience rather than only to parents and families of performers.

Speaking of attendance, I have never explicitly thought or stated that I wanted to fill a venue. This is brand-spanking new for me, and I have great hope I will connect with people who can make my goal a reality.

So. Buy your tickets when they go on sale in November. Bring your friends and families. Invite your co-workers and employees.

Most of all, come and be fed. We are serving soup for your body and hope for your spirit1

May you find yourself resting in the Master’s hands…


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