Church Visits

Tim Stanoch and I visited local churches on Wednesday, November 1, to spread news about the upcoming “Dinner and a Show” event scheduled for December 3, 2017, at 4:00 pm.

Tickets go on sale this weekend, so watch for the links to the seller. More on the event later.l

The visits were productive two ways. First, we collected information about how valuable this resource is going to be in Wright County. Second, we were able to make contact with some very dynamic people who are excited about this project and the potential it has to meet a very real need.

We were encouraged by our welcome, and expect to be doing more visits in the future! Interested churches should contact us if we haven’t stopped for a visit yet.

Know what’s most impressive? How many churches there are to visit! We are blessed as a community and in position to share out blessing with others.

We felt carried in the Master’s hands…



Source: Annie’s Hope

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