If It Ain’t Broke…

I’m not great at cliches; my fourth grade English teacher beat out of me that cliches had any value in communication. Anyone who regularly speaks with me knows that when I try to use one, it make nearly no sense. I was trying to say “look what the cat dragged in” the other day, and […]

In the Era of Zoom

Video conferencing became a part of our lives out of necessity. Locked in our homes, it was the only way to effecitvely communicate with and encourage teams. Companies are finding video conferencing cost-effective and it seems as though it’s going to remain a fixture in the business setting. Consider some of these tips when engaging […]

Using Text Messages to Build Better Business

On the site smallbiztrends.com, a report claims that most Americans read 90% of their text messages within three minutes of receiving them. That’s a powerful statistic! It trumps all other forms of communication in this era. To effectively use it – meaning to avoid irritating your customers – offer it as an option to customers […]