Sharing Our Stories: Conversations That Matter

Early this week, I visited with people who remember April 10, 1997, as vividly as I do, but from very different perspectives. The most striking conversation I had was with the widow of one of my dad’s friends, Kenny Spanier. Kenny’s buses ran in St Cloud school district all these years, and his, too, was […]

Food Trucks and Outreach

Our plan has evolved. We believe our best efforts should be directed toward using mobile food service options initially – and maybe in an ongoing outreach. The people who need food and service aren’t necessarily willing to come to us, so we think we should go to them. We will be looking to purchase and […]

Colorado Truck Driver Charged

William Carroll of Littleton, Colorado, is being cited for careless driving, reported the Colorado State Patrol this week. Officials released the name of the 36-year-old driver Colorado State Troopers said fell asleep at the wheel, crashed into the school bus and injured several adults and students. The bus carrying five adults and 29 students was […]

Colorado Crash Results in Multiple Injuries

Weld County, Colorado, was the latest site of a school bus crash.35 to 40 people were on the bus today. A truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and drifted from the southbound lane into the northbound lane and hit the school bus.The bus rolled 1 1/4 times before coming to a stop, according to Colorado […]

Gardens and Food Stock

We reached out to 118 churches last spring asking for any who were willing to plant gardens and share some of the harvest with us for our own upcoming food service. We had a couple of takers. Most notably, St Henry in Monticello will be sharing some of their harvest and spoke about it recently […]

The Recurring Theme: Tears

I used to cry over episodes of Little House on the Prairie. That show really broke my heart at times. Truth is, life was more heart breaking. But I couldn’t deal with the kind of heartbreak. It took 22 months learning grounding techniques and talk therapy to heal my broken heart. In the end, though, […]