The Driver and the Eclipse

Schools across the nation went and edited their days so the eclipse that happens once every hundred years or so in our region could be accounted for! A wide range of things occurred that day. Driver of most companies stayed off the road to ensure safety, schools altered their days to reflect half days, cancellations, […]

Technology and the Small Business

The use of technology proliferates daily life. Finding a way to harness technology in a way that both makes sense for your business and doesn’t overwhelm the personalities involved is tricky. The world of apps alone is a minefield of wasted time and useless information. Discerning how to best harness technology requires a sincere evaluation […]

Child Dies in Daycar Van

Heat stroke is a killer.  People like to laugh and kid around about heatstroke being a “meh” sickness. It is not “meh,” it is deadly. Although this is not strictly school bus related it does come in to partial play.  Schools do not always use school buses to transport children to and from school. A […]

And the Winner is……

The Cigma Well Being Award goes to Chicago-based school bus company Cook-Illinois Corporation!!!!! Cigna is a global company and cites the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistic that employers lose over $225 million annually because of employee health problems and they created the Well-Being Award to showcase employer who go above and beyond! Cook […]

Wheel Chair Security

Last year I covered an incident where a handicapped girl in a wheel tipped over and smacked her head on the seat next to her. She then rode tipped over for three minutes until the driver reached her home. At which point the driver and aide righted her and helped her off. Her mother is […]

NASDPTS Releases New Passing Survey Results

The new illegal passing survey done for the previous year has been realeased. This surgery is put on by  the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services  and its full results can be found here. It tells us how many states take the survey, how many drivers reported, how many times they were illegally […]